Willow  Creek Adult Family Home
Contact Us: 360-871-9418
Address: 960 Peru Ave E, Port Orchard WA 98366

What is an adult family home and why choose this setting?

An adult family home is licensed by the state of Washington to care for up to six residents to offer long-term “non-institutional” care. We provide warm, loving 24 hour personalized care in a family setting that is unmatched in the long-term care industry. We are a private home that can offer you varying levels of care, from assisted living to end of life/hospice care. We specialize in providing care for those who experience all levels of Dementia, including Alzheimer's.
It can be difficult to realize that your loved one might need a little more help than you are able to provide. At Willow Creek, we make the transition as comfortable as possible by becoming an extended family to our residents We provide the caring and loving home that they need to live full, satisfying happy lives. We support and encourage family and friends to view life at Willow Creek the same as life at home – drop by anytime, bring goodies and treats, plan an outing or just take a leisurely walk.

Willow Creek is a stress-free, relaxed home where everyone is considered very special. Our goal is to ensure that each day is filled with comfort and happiness and that the highest quality of life is achieved Jeannie Schmid and her team of compassionate, professional and caring staff is dedicated to enhancing the quality of every one of our residents' lives.

Willow Creek can accommodate six adult residents per home and we offer either private or semi-private rooms. Rooms are lovingly furnished but we can accommodate and encourage our residents and families to bring any cherished items from their current home such as furniture, bedding, pictures or mementos to make them even more personal. Residents also enjoy a beautiful living room, dining area, and a spacious fenced back yard with a small garden just like home.

At Willow Creek we find inspiration in each of our residents' achievements and spirit. We honor them with respect and dignity. Our home reflects our understanding of the challenges and joy of the aging process and our commitment to each resident and family that chooses to make Willow Creek their home.

Please contact us to arrange for a tour. We look forward to the possibility of a new addition to our family!